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Market potential-developers in times of change

Dialego AG is an accelerator for market success. Using proprietary methods of artificial intelligence, many years of market research expertise, benchmarks and our own panels, we ensure an in-depth understanding of data, customer needs and the connection between market and company. 

  • Founded in 1999 by Andera Gadeib, an established expert on digitalization issues
  • Pioneer of digital change
  • Digital thinking & working is an inherent part of our DNA
  • Dynamics of a startup & sustainability of German SMEs 
  • Portfolio of Bayer world wide to WDR regional
  • Longstanding expertise. Benchmarks with more than 8,000 innovations in all industries
  • Awards, appointments in advisory boards and juries

Here you'll find more more information about Dialego.


Prof. Dr. Hans-Willi Schroiff |
Corporate Vice President Global Market Research, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

The cutting edge is
where you‘ll find Dialego.«


Prof. Dr. Hans-Willi Schroiff  |  Chairman of the supervisory board of Dialego


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