Online surveys

Dialego is an established online market research agency, which has specialised in carrying out surveys with consumers through the Internet medium. Dialego works for renowned branded goods companies.

The online surveys provide the companies with information about their products and services. It's often about the following questions:

  • What do consumers expect from the new product?
  • Are the consumers satisfied with the product?
  • Which colour should be chosen for the packaging of the product?

In order to carry out these surveys, Dialego AG has access to registered survey participants, who already regularly take part in Dialego online surveys and voice their opinions (the Panel). Your opinion counts too!

Through the participation in surveys you can actively contribute to the development of new products and influence decision makers in big companies. 

As a token of our gratitude for your participation in our surveys you can receive Panel Points which can be redeemed to their equivalent value in pounds as a donation, voucher oder bank transfer. 



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