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The Dialego Foundation for Children was founded in March 2007 by Dialego AG, and in doing so the company underlined its social engagement both locally and internationally.

Purpose and objective

The Dialego Foundation for Children wants to help create a world in which children do not have to endure poverty, can develop healthily and have the freedom to be able to enjoy their childhood.

The intention of the charity is to fulfil the basic needs of the children, their families and their living communities in developing countries and to support them to realise their own potential to contribute to improving their situation themselves.

Furthermore, the charity organisation supports the child and youth welfare service, the education and upbringing, the international ethos and the tolerance and understanding of all cultures provided that they are not unconstitutional or predominantly pursuing tourist activities, as well as charitable purposes.

The charity only takes up exclusive and direct charitable and non-profitable projects and works independently. 

Plan International

The Dialego Foundation supports predominantly projects of the charitable organisation Plan International, especially children’s projects in Africa, Asia and South America. Furthermore, other non-profit organisations and charities will be supported. You will receive a personal confirmation for every donation.


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