Safe cities for girls

Plan International has launched the "Urban Programmme - Safe Cities for Girls and Women" in the three metropolitan cities of Delhi, Hanoi and Kampala. With our Dialego Foundation for Children, we want to contribute to this great project in India and create more safety for girls in their living environment as well as in public areas such as markets, parks and community facilities. Girls and boys are actively involved in the design and development of their district.



What awaits us in India

Every day, girls and young women in large cities experience sexual harassment, discrimination and violence. In a study, girls reported that they were afraid of situations especially involving buses, dark streets and public squares. In Delhi (India), 54 percent of girls said they were often sexually harassed on public transport; in Kampala, 80 percent said they did not feel safe in public places. They also pointed out that they had little access to the police or security forces.

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