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Photo © Plan International Project activities in Peru

Together we are strong

Latin America is considered as one of the most disparate regions in the world. Indigenous girls and young women in particular are often discriminated against - because of their age, gender or membership of an indigenous population group. However, they can hardly make their concerns heard by authorities or government due to the lack of appropriate participation structures. They lack the opportunity to draw attention to grievances such as insufficient access to education, poor career prospects, sexual violence or child marriage so that they can be addressed.



Photo © Plan International Project activities in Guatemala

What we want to achieve

With this project, we strengthen indigenous girls and young women and empower them to stand up for their rights. They learn to exert influence so that political decision-makers change the general conditions and thus enable them to participate in public decision-making processes. In Guatemala, 1,000 teenagers aged 14 to 18 years and in Peru, 1,080 teenagers and young adults aged 14 to 21 years participate in the project activities. We also support 300 indigenous teenagers and young adults in nine Latin American countries as part of the regional project.

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