Girls' networks: Together we are strong

We successfully completed the project Girls' Networks: Together We Are Strong. With this project we strengthened indigenous girls and young women and empowered them to stand up for their rights. They learned how to influence political decision-makers to change the framework conditions and thus give them the opportunity to participate in public decision-making processes. We were able to support this great project with 4,400 Euros thanks to your help. Many thanks.


Safe cities for girls

Plan International has launched the “Urban Programmme – Safe Cities for Girls and Women” in the three metropolitan cities of Delhi, Hanoi and Kampala. With our Dialego Foundation for Children we participated in this great project in India and created more security for girls in their living environment as well as in public areas like markets, parks and community facilities. Girls and boys were actively involved in the design and development of their district. Thanks to your generous donations, we have supported this project with EUR 8,500.


Happiness for children in Germany

For the first time the Dialego Foundation supported a project in Germany: Malaika e.V. is an association who developed the project “Happiness” for children in primary school age. Supporting children at an early age is fundamental for the further development of their personality. The aim of the project “Happiness” is to integrate the people, who are important for the child, actively and to guarantee transferability to other primary schools. The project is designed to deliver a practical guide through life and to support children in primary school age in the development of their personality. It wants to contribute to the understanding of the power of inner strength as being the driving force to happiness and success. The aim is to educate confident and self-assured children and to give them a purpose-oriented support, find out their personal strengths and develop them. The children should learn to use their potential in a creative way, to use a solution-oriented way of thinking and to develop perspectives on their own.


Learning to read in Nepal

Enabled by a child-oriented expansion of their learning environment, 210 preschoolers as well as 400 first and second graders have improved their reading skills. Thanks to your generous donations, we have raised a total amount of EUR 12,000 to support this project. Together with the local educational authorities and the help of families of the project region, Plan International renovated pre- and elementary school institutions and upgraded them with age appropriate learning materials. Furthermore, the teaching staff was trained in child appropriate teaching methods. Parents were more strongly involved in the learning process of their children as well.



Diego from Nicaragua

The joint project work in the area Chinandega, where our sponsored child Diego lives, has now been completed. Lasting improvements have been made in the core areas of our work, such as education, health, basic care or the respect of children’s rights. Careful and regular evaluation has ensured progress on location. The municipality of our sponsored child Diego in the project area Chinandega can now continue the projects in self-government. We would like to thank you very much for your support. Our partner Plan International will now end its work in this area and re-enter into other disadvantaged regions. We wish our sponsored child Diego all the best for the future.


Education for girls

In Bolivia we supported girls to reach a higher educational achievement. For 750,- EUR one girl was able to visit a secondary school for a whole year including room and board. A scholarship gives the chance of leading a self-determined life to the girls which they would have reached without.


Mounika from India

Our sponsored child Mounika is now almost 16 years old. After many years of support from Plan International her community is now able to take over the management of projects in Krishna (India). That is why the scholarship for Mounika ends.

We wish Mounika all the best for her way in life!


School festival
in Togo

Football tournament is a welcome change

We have supported a school festival in the capital Lomé that was organized for street children and orphans. The children often had to do child labor very early and therefore they didn't have a "real" childhood.

On this day they could forget their worries and have a lot of fun at the joint football tournament. Because of acts like tree planting, the children simultaneously learned a lot about environmental protection.


Scholarships in
Burkina Faso

71 scholarships for young women

The percentage of female teachers is very low. The number of girls attending school is particularly low in rural areas. The family income is often too low to be able to afford the accompanying expenditure e.g. school uniform and learning materials. Boys have priority when registering for secondary schools. Girls often marry early and therefore do not have any need for schooling, according to their parents.
It came to our attention during our charity trip in March 2007 to Burkina Faso, the biggest wish of many women was to complete the teaching training course at one of the state teaching colleges (for primary school teachers).
It is for this reason that the Dialgeo Foundation for Children would like to be involved in this project and with your help provide 71 scholarships.  


in Burkina Faso

Stop malnutrition and infant mortality

Koupela which lies in the Kourittenga province has 283,670.00 inhabitants (2003). 167 out of 1000 children die before they reach five years of age. The reasons for this are above all nutrition. 20 percent of women are also malnourished. The aim is to combat the high child mortality and malnutrition of women and children in Kouepla. In total about 150000 mothers and children will profit from the measures:

  • community gardens in 24 villages
  • preparing fruits and vegetables for school meals
  • helping them to sell their crops. The profits are paid onto a savings account for the women’s group
  • training the women in nutrition
  • training the women in agriculture

in Cameroon

Renovation of the school

The sponsored school is in the Dzeng village in the central province of Cameroon. Here 900 inquisitive pupils are being taught at a state primary school for a better quality of life. However, the classrooms are overfilled and in a desolate state. The roofs were leaky and the walls were cracked. Moreover, the teachers were also badly trained. Some the most important measures were:

  • Explanation to the community, so the community members can get involved in the project and support it as much as possible
  • Building and equipping of the classrooms
  • Building and maintenance of child-friendly Water and Sanitation facilities
  • Establishment and qualification of school staff 
  • Schooling of school children and the forming of children’s groups (in Hygiene, keeping the environment tidy and conflict advice)

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