children of

the Dialego



Edgar from El Salvador

In September 2017 the Dialego team have taken a new sponsorship for Edgar from El Salvador. Edgar lives with his parents and his littler sister Alison. His mother works in the private sector and his father is a mechanic. He also has a grandfather and a grandmother. In this country, many children live in large families. Edgar attends primary school, less than 30 minutes away from his parents' home. 

We are in regular contact with him.

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Seema from India

Since March 2011 we took over the scholarship for Seema. She is a joyful little girl, who was born in 2003 and lives close to Varanasi in the Indian Province Uttar Pradesh in the North-East of the subcontinent. Seema attends a secondary school which is located in half an hour distance from her home.

We are looking forward to accompany and support Seema on a part of her journey through life. We will exchange letters with Seema regularly.

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