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Panel Rules

The registration in the Dialego Online Panel and the participation in Dialego surveys are voluntary and free. The participant can cancel his membership at anytime.

There are several rules for the Panel members, which the participants must agree and adhere to.  


  • Truthful registration: The participant agrees that all information submitted for the registration is complete and truthful. The use of an assumed name, to conceal the identity of the participant is not allowed.
  • One registration: The participant may only register once in the Dialego Online Panel. Numerous registrations with different email addresses are not allowed.
  • Children and minors: The participation of children and minors less than 14 years of age is not allowed.
  • Residence: The participant must be a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • Updating of personal data: Personal details are updated annually. The aim of these updates is to ensure that the participants are invited to surveys which are best suitable to their profile.


  • Invitations: The participants are sent invitations to take part in surveys by email.
  • Participation in surveys: There is no obligation to participate in a certain number of surveys.
  • There are no correct or incorrect answers to a survey. Every participant should fill in the questionnaire truthfully and to their best knowledge and ability. The participation in a survey is of course voluntary.
  • Selection of the participants for the surveys: The participants are selected by Dialego at random or according to specific target group characteristics (e.g. age, sex, education).
  • Confidentiality: The participants agree not to show any information, which has been received in relation to the survey, to a third party. It is also of paramount importance that he/she does not save or pass on this information to a third party (incl. family members and friends).
  • Non-participation in surveys: If, during 12 months, the participants do not react to the invitations (to surveys or to update the registration) then both the panel membership and the Panel Points will be deleted. 

Submitted and / or attached contents – photos / audio/ videos within surveys

  • Own contents: The participants who submit, attach or in some other way make available their own contents to Dialego (photos, text, audio, videos, comments etc.) must agree that the publishing of the data will not violate any laws or the rights of a third party. Furthermore, the participant confirms that the represented persons agree with the publishing of the images.
  • Third party: The participants will indemnify Dialego from and against all third party claims. If a third party makes a claim due to the publication, Dialego will inform the participant immediately.
  • Rights: The participant grants to Dialego the non-exclusive right and unlimited use in time and space to publish the work (photos, text, audio, video, comments, pictures etc) free of charge on the internet and in printed form as well as to use for commercial purposes. Included in this is the right to distribute, use, digitalize, save electronically as well as making available to a third party. In particular Dialego is authorised to assign this right of use to customers.

Panel Points and competitions

  • Issuing of Panel Points: The registration and participation in surveys are rewarded with Panel Points: 150 Panel Points = £10.00.
  • The participation in surveys will generally be rewarded with up to 50 Panel Points, depending on how time-consuming the survey is for the participant. Alternatively, there are occasionally competitions.
  • Once the participant has 100 Panel Points, he/she can donate the equivalent value. From 300 Panel Points onwards the Points can be redeemed for gift vouchers and when the participant has 600 Panel Points they can have the equivalent amount transferred on to their bank account. If 100 / 300 / 600 Panel Points have not yet been accumulated then there is no entitlement for a donation/ gift voucher / a bank transfer. Further claims and legal recourse are excluded.

Recommend a friend

  • 10 Panel Points will be credited for every recommended friend who registers truthfully and validly. 
  • The reward for the recommended friend and the membership of the Dialego Online Panel will be excluded, in the case of a violation of the registration link. 

Cancellation of membership

  • The participant can cancel his membership at anytime. In this case his personal details will be deleted immediately and the accumulated Panel Points will expire.

Amendment of Panel Rules

  • In the course of time the panel rules can be amended. If this occurs then the participant will be made aware of the relevant changes when he next visits the panel home page and will be asked to consent with the new rules.

Compliance with Panel Rules

  • The compliance with the panel rules is a prerequisite for the participation in the Dialego Online Panel. 
  • Dialego AG reserves the right to take action if non-compliance with rules has been proven (deletion of the account and the Panel Points).   



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