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Dialego AG guarantees the confidentiality of all personal data in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation - Basic Regulation (EU-GDPR), which will apply from 25 May 2018, the Media Service State Treaty and the Teleservices Data Protection Act. All our safety precautions are state-of-the-art and our employees have declared their duty to maintain secrecy.

Data collection

  • Personal and consumer information are collected when you register. Personal information including socio-demographic information  (Name, first name, age, gender, street, house number, city, zip code, country, state, telephone number, e-mail address) is mandatory for opening an account.
  • Other consumer information, which is optional, is requested to gain a better understanding of your profile and to invite you to studies that are most relevant to you. Data collected in a questionnaire is about your opinions and attitudes. Here we collect the following data: nationality, number of inhabitants in your place of residence, education, employment, position, industry, number of employees, living conditions, number of people in the household, number of children, age of children and gender, net income of the household.

Data usage

Personal information will only be used for the purpose of research and in following cases:

  • To contact you, for example to invite you to new surveys or to send you information about your Membership or the Panel.   
  • If you want to correspond with us. In this case, please note that we save every correspondence from you.

Data protection and confidentiality

  • All individual information provided is held strictly confidential: it is never reviewed.
  • Personal data (name, address, etc.) and email address will not be given to third parties, unless it is required by law.
  • Recording and processing of personal data is only possible with your explicit agreement.
  • All information recorded in the registration questionnaire and the surveys is separated entirely from your personal data.
  • Personal data is always analysed anonymously and never divulged: all data collected is grouped together and analyzed as a whole.
  • Dialego AG has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that respondents are in no way directly affected as a result of their participation in a marketing research project.


  • Children under the age of 14 can register for a Dialego Access Panel account but will never be invited to participate in studies without the explicit permission by their parents.
  • If a survey is open to children under 14, parental permission will be required.

Using of technical information and protection

  • Server log files that record IP address, browser type, operation system, time and date and site accessed are also automatically recorded. This information is never released to a third party and is only used to match you with appropriate surveys.


  • Definition: a cookie is a packet of information sent by a Dialego server to a Panel Member browser and then sent back by the browser each time it accesses that server.
  • Dialego AG uses cookies only to authorise Panel Members to log on in to their personal Membership Domain. Cookies are used for technical purposes only. They are not used to access your computer or your cookie files to see what third party websites you may have visited.
  • Cookies are used only temporarily during your session within the Dialego Access Panel. Cookies are erased at the end of the session (when the browser closes). Cookies can be disabled by the Panel Member from his/her browser during his/her session.
  • Cookies are not used during surveys.


  • Through the use of a personal password we can guarantee that your access to your own Membership Domain containing your personal details is strictly confidential. However we remind you that the password should be kept strictly private. You should also log out from your Membership Domain when you want to exit the Dialego Access Panel Area.
  • Access to all personal information is restricted and limited to a few key personnel at Dialego. All of them have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Updates and cancellation

  • You have always the possibility to modify your personal information from your personal account.
  • You can cancel your Membership at any time. In this case your personal data will be deleted immediately.

Privacy policy changes

  • We would like to call your attention to the fact that this policy may change with time. If this is the case we will of course inform you on your next visit and via email.

Additional information


Your data protection officer at Dialego AG

Volker Gadeib


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