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    You have questions concerning our Dialego Online Panel? Maybe you'll already find the answers here.

      Dialego Online Panel

      Who is Dialego and what is the Dialego Online Panel?

      Dialego AG is an established online market research agency that specialises in carrying out surveys with consumers through the Internet medium. Dialego works for renowned branded goods companies. In order to carry out these surveys, Dialego AG has access to registered survey participants, who already regularly take part in Dialego online surveys and voice their opinions (the Panel). Your opinion counts too!  The Dialego Access Panel consists of a community of consumers who have direct influence on the decisions taken by companies all over the world by participating in surveys about their products.


      What are the advantages in being a Panel member and does it cost me anything?

      Firstly, by giving your opinion in Dialego surveys over the Internet you can directly influence the way companies develop the products and services you use in your everyday life, for example drinks, snacks, body care products, etc.

      Membership is free of charge. The only costs which will you incur are your normal internet costs.

      How do I unsubscribe?

      You can cancel your Membership at any time. In this case, your personal data will be deleted immediately and you will no longer be invited to participate in Dialego's surveys. Please note, when you cancel your membership all your unredeemed Panel Points will expire.   To cancel your Membership:

      1. After your Login click on "My account", then on "personal data" and finally click on "Cancel Membership" at the bottom.

      2. Or alternatively you can send an email to panel-team[at] 

      How old do I have to be to participate?

      Minors under 14 years of age are not eligible to participate in surveys without permission from their parents. The prior consent of their parents or a responsible adult is required before interviewing.

      Are there any rules which I have to consider?

      To be a Panel Member, you need to observe some panel rules. You can find them in the top navigation bar of the panel domain.

      Panel rules have been established in order to guarantee the quality of the Dialego Online Panel.

      Personal data

      Is my data protected?   

      Dialego AG Market Research Online assures the protection of your personal data according to ESOMAR regulations (ESOMAR is a world's leading market research association). 

      Recording and processing of personal data is only possible with your explicit agreement. Your data is kept strictly confidential. All your answers are treated anonymously and will only be reported in survey summaries (for instance all men, all women etc.).

      Your personal data (name, address, etc.) and your email address will be never be given to third parties.

      You can cancel your Membership at anytime by sending an email to In this case your personal data will be deleted immediately.

      At the same time we expect you to keep all contents and methods which are used in our surveys confidential.Further information can be found in the section Privacy Policy. 

      How do I update or change my personal data?

      After your Login click on "My account", then on "personal data". Here you can change your personal information and with a click your changes are saved. 

      Email address

      How many people can sign up using the same email address and how I can change my email address?

      Only one person can register per email address. After your Login click on "My account", then on "personal data". Here you can change your personal information and with a click your changes are saved.


      How do I obtain a password and what do I have to do if I lose or forget my password?

      When you register you are required to choose a password. You can always change your password in the right section of your personal Membership Domain.To receive a new password you need to go through the 4 following steps:

      1. Click on the link "Forgotten password?" in the Panel Web Log-In section in the right navigation bar.

      2. Enter the email address you used at the time of registration.

      3. Click on "Send me a new password!" and a new password will be emailed to you immediately. 

      4. Then please choose a new password in your personal Membership Domain.


      How do I participate in surveys and how often will I be invited to take part in surveys?

      To participate in a survey, Panel Members are randomly selected from the Dialego Access Panel. Once selected you will receive an email invitation that provides you with information about the duration of the survey and a link to the survey. You will also be able to access the survey on the start page of your personal Membership Domain.On average you will receive an invitation every few weeks. However the frequency of invitations may vary because Panel Members are randomly selected to surveys. 

      Do I have to participate every time I am invited to a survey and how long do I have to complete a survey after I receive my email invitation? 

      You are free to participate in a survey and it will not affect your membership. We do encourage you to take part in a survey whenever you receive an invitation because your opinion will help to improve the products and services that you use. Moreover, please note that after accessing the survey you may be told that the survey is closed. This may happen because enough participants have already participated in the survey. The duration of a survey can vary from 24 hours to two weeks or more. You are always informed of the end date for a study. Please try to complete each invitation at your earliest convenience because once the targeted number of completed questionnaires is achieved the project is closed.


      Why am told I do not qualify for a survey that I am trying to complete? 

      After answering a few questions, you may be told that you do not qualify for a survey. This may happen because the requirements of the project do not match your profile or because sufficient participants have already participated in the survey.

      How long do surveys take to complete?

      Answering surveys will take between 5 and 25 minutes. Our aim is to invite you to surveys which take a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes even if some surveys are longer because of the topic. Of course the speed of your internet connection or browser can also affect this time.

      Panel Points

      What are Panel Points and how can I gain them? 

      Panel Points are the "currency" we use to reward your co-operation. 150 Panel Points are equal to the value of 10 British pounds. 

      • The number of Panel Points you might earn depends on the length of the survey. Please note that further claims or legal actions are excluded.
      • You will earn your first 40 Panel Points when you register.
      • Each time you take part in a survey we will reward you with Panel Points generally between 5 and 50 Panel Points. The amount depends on the length of the survey.
      • When you introduce a friend you are rewarded with 10 Panel Points.

      All Panel Points are credited to your personal Panel Point Account. You can access it anytime from your personal Membership Domain.

      Redeem Panel Points

      How and where can I redeem my Panel Points?

      To redeem your Panel Points, you first have to log into your personal membership domain with your email address and password.

      With 100 Panel Points or more, you can support our Dialego Foundation for Children. More specifically your donations will be used to benefit children. To make a donation with your Panel Points you can also use the online form in the section Donation of your personal Membership Domain.

      As soon as you have collected a minimum of 300 Panel Points (20 pounds), you can use them for shopping with a voucher from Amazon. You can order e-gift voucher s under the menu Redeem Panel Points. The order form automatically beomes visible as soon as you have the minimum Panel Points (300 points).  Select the partner Amazon and then select the amount of Panel Points you want to redeem (300, 450, 600 or 750 Panel Points) and send the online form.

      If you have collected at least 600 Panel Points (40 pounds) you can have the cash transferred in to your bank account. In this case, you will need to send us your bank account details including the amount of Panel Points you want to exchange for cash, by email or by fax (fax no: 0049-241-97828-118 or see Imprint). 

      Your Panel Points will be automatically deducted from your Panel Points account. Please allow up to 14 days for the amount to be credited to your bank account.


      Where can I shop with my Panel Points?

      As soon as you have collected a minimum of 300 Panel Points (20 pounds), you have the possibility to order an e-gift voucher from:  Amazon is an online retailer of products that inform, educate, and entertain. It offers a large range of products and services by subject area: books, music, DVD, video, electronics, photo, software, PC, video games, home and garden, toys and games.The e-voucher code will then be sent to you by email within 7 days.   

      Why is Dialego responsible for providing you with e-gift vouchers?

      Your personal data will not be given to third parties including our partners. For this reason our Panel Team is in charge of providing you with the e-gift voucher. Of course, this means that the order process may take a little longer. We ask for your understanding that the protection of your personal data has our highest priority. We make every effort to ensure prompt delivery of your vouchers.  The partner's general conditions of sales and delivery apply.

      Panel Point account

      Where can I see how may Panel Points I have earned and can my Panel Points/e-gift vouchers expire? 

      To see how many Panel Points you have collected you need to log in to your personal Membership domain and select Panel Points Account. Your Panel Points cannot expire, as long as you are a Panel Member of the Dialego Access Panel. However please note that e-gift and conventional vouchers may expire after a certain period of time (usually after one year) once you exchange your Panel Points for an e-gift voucher. Please check the expiry date stipulated by our partner Amazon.


      Who is my contact for questions and comments?

      Do you have questions, suggestions or messages? Please contact us. The Dialego Panel Team look forward to answering your questions! Please contact us at or use the contact form in the section "Contact".


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