[Germany, Nov 2007] Advertising has taken on the topic of climate protection and launched advertising campaigns. Discover to what extent the climate-campaign in advertising has affected consumer behavior. more...


[Germany, Aug, Sep 2007] Far more than a third of those with national health insurance have been offered IGel treatments within the last 12 month and almost three quarters of those have subsequently undergone one of these treatments. Which doctors offer IGeL treatments most often? more...


[Germany, Nov 2006] The health reform seems to have flopped, the need for another reform is high. Many of those asked are dissatisfied with the current plans and deem them too expensive. Discover, what Andera Gadeib has to say regarding these results. more...


[Germany, Nov 2005] Germans are surprisingly in agreement that saving personal health data on electronic chip cards is acceptable. But this positive tenor does not mean that data security issues can be neglected. more...


[Germany, Oct 2005] The German population is not generally against genetic testing. Tests yes, but only for private matters: e.g. to be certain regarding genetic predispositions and for family planning. But what are the reasons against genetic testing? more...


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